interactive reading program,

"The Right Whale named METOMPKIN:
Her Story of Survival"

by Karen Smyth

Photographs by Karen Smyth, Michael Williamson, Center for Coastal Studies Staff, and USCG
Illustrated by Michael Williamson

Karen Smyth is the author of the book "Crystal, The Story of a Real Baby Whale" and
the on-line story "A Day on a Whale Watch."

Michael Williamson, Associate Professor of Science at Wheelock College,
is the Principal Investigator of WhaleNet, and the Associate Director of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study.

["The Right Whale named METOMPKIN: Her Story of Survival" has Nine chapters.]
Use the interactive readers on-line or print a hardcopy for off-line use in the classroom.
Pictures and charts supplement the text. Students read along and answer questions posed in the text.

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Curriculum Resources
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Right Whale Curriculum Units

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"Metompkin Story", The Story of a Right Whale - by Chris Slay.

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Right Whale Biopsy Research - High Interest Reading and Information (middle school to adult)

Right Whale Research Reports from the Florida/Georgia Calving area. (Interesting non-technical language middle school to adult) Right Whale Early Warning System Reports: 2001 / 2000 / 1999 / 1998 / 1997

Early Warning System 1997 Sightings Map

NMFS Right Whale links page - good info

Right Whale Recovery Plans - NMFS

Right Whale Necropsy (Not presently available)

Current News

Right Whale Found Dead - 4/20/99

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    NOAA Marine Sanctuaries

    NOAA/NMFS Northern Right Whale Sighting Information, Northeast
    1997 to Present Right Whale Alerts

    Right Whale Reports, Southeast USA
    1996 to Present


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