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Welcome to WhaleNet
Picture of a humpback whale breaching the surface

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The WhaleNet Overview is a brief description of our program.

Use the following links for a quick tour of our web site.

1. Satellite Tagging Observation Program
Get information on tagged whales and other marine life.

2. A.S.K. a Scientist???
Ask marine scientists your questions. Or follow their answers on WhaleNet's continuously
updated ASK Archives.

3. Humpback Whale Catalogue
Access photographs and siting histories of Humpback Whales in the Gulf of Maine. There is also
a CD-Rom of Whales & Marine Mammals of the North Atlantic Ocean.

4. What's It
Try to identify this?

5. Stories based on actual research experiences:

"A Day on a Whale Watch" - Experience this true interactive story of a whale watch trip. (For elementary students.)
"The Right Whale named METOMPKIN: Her Story of Survival" - the story of an entangled Right Whale and her year long journey.

6. WhaleNet Slide Shows
View this collection of exciting photographs on marine topics.

7. Research Tools

Species, Classifications and Behaviors Information
Educational References and Research Links
Marine Mammal Links
WhaleNet Affiliates and Adoption Programs

News and Information Archives
Links of the Month Lots of great oceanography resources.
NOAA Sanctuaries Visit these sanctuary sites.
WhaleNet Data Whale watch sighting and research data.
How to Find Suggestions for finding specific information on this web site.

8. Teacher Resources and Programs

Curriculum and Lesson Plans
WhaleNet Activities Start-up activities for the classroom.
WhaleNet Information and Start-up Packet Start-up information and activities for classrooms going on a whale watch trip.
Meet Lucy An inflatable whale you can make at your school.
Netpal Registration and Curriculum Archives
Regional Resource Centers and WhaleNet Workshops
Training in telecommunications and the WhaleNet project for teachers and other interested educational groups at locations around the country.
Professional Development
A list of marine science courses and field experiences for educators and life-long learners.

Now you can use WhaleNet's SEARCH ENGINE or the WhaleNet INDEX to find specific information.

If you have any other questions about WhaleNet, please email them to Whale-Master@whale.wheelock.edu


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