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WhaleNet Features

  • Kimberly Expeditions - Whale Watching Expeditions in Australia.

  • Information for potential Corporate Sponsorships and Foundation Grants to help keep WhaleNet FREE.

  • Hurricane Season is here!! Hurricane page

  • Active Satellite Tags. "39395", "Sapphire" and "?????". (AND Data from over 100 satellite tagged marine animals).

  • Right Whale Data and Information and BABY BOOM

  • Take a whale to school!! - Build a LIFE-SIZED whale.

  • Math in Science Curriculum and Reading Units,
    Humpback Fluke Photo-id Curriculum Unit

  • Humpback Whale Catalog with Individual Photo-ID software CD-ROM

  • "ROSITA"Cruise the North Atlantic in search of the rare Northern Right Whale with Michael Moore from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, The "Crew" and his family. Study Guide, Maps, Log and more...

  • For information on deductible contributions to support WhaleNet, click here.

  • Summer Courses: 2003 - Field Study in Natural Sciences and Methods in Teaching Natural Sciences to Children taught by WhaleNet Director Michael Williamson.

  • Satellite

    ASK a Scientist Archives- Emailed questions to a marine scientist.

    Satellite Tagging Programs- Track marine animals and access information on present and past satellite tags.

    Species, Classification and Behaviors Information - Find information on most marine mammals. Salt

    HumpbackWhale Catalogue Access Photographs and Sighting Histories of HUMPBACK WHALES from the Gulf of Maine population.

    What's it??- Can you Identify this??

    Guide to Whales and Marine Mammals of the North Atlantic Ocean CD-ROM- Order yours now.

    A Day on a Whale Watch - Experience this true interactive story of a whale watch trip.

    Adoption Programs - Find out about marine mammal adoption programs.

    Educational References and Research Links - Use this information on careers, marine mammals, aquaria, multilingual links etc.

    Information, News and Past ASK Answers - Use WhaleNet's archives of ASK answers, research data, news articles, case studies, and other information.


    High Interest Links - Investigate these interesting links selected by WhaleNet.
    Kid's Links - Student generated web pages on Whales.
    Student Opportunities - Summer Programs and Internship Opportunities.

    "Lucy" the Inflatable Whale - Make this life size whale.

    Marine Mammal Information - Explore these informative links on a wide range of marine mammal topics.

    NOAA Marine Sanctuaries - Visit marine sanctuaries around the United States.

    Northern Right Whale Early Warning System

    New England Region - NOAA/NMFS - Identify critical habitats of the Northern Right Whale.

    FL/GA Region - Count the sightings in the calving area of the Northern Right Whale.

    Pictures: Slides and Movies

    Movie Collection- Watch Seal release, the "Exploding Whale" and more.

    Slide Shows- View whales, seals, flukes, research scientists and kids' art.

    Whale Parts

    Research Ships - Follow the explorations of these crews through their logs, data and information.

    Sound Sources - Use these links to hear different whales and marine mammals or learn about bioacoustics.

    Strandings and Entanglements - Examine our images, information and curricula relating to strandings and entanglements.

    Whale Watch Company Participants - Companies to consider using for your class trip. They support student investigations and WhaleNet.

    Whale Watching Data - Submit your own and use other's whale watch sighting and research data. Whale Sighting Form for YOUR Whale Watch data.

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    Right Whale Links

    NOAA Marine Sanctuaries

    NOAA/NMFS Northern Right Whale Sighting Information, Northeast
    1997 to Present Right Whale Alerts

    EWS Right Whale Reports
    Southeast - FL/GA

    1997 to Present

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