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Hooded Seal "Stephanie" gets her Satellite Tag --- 334K

"Stephanie" goes into the water --- 825K

The Infamous Exploding Whale --- Very Large 11MB

Sperm Whale Satellite Tagging in the Azores --- 12MB, Nice footage.

Killer Whale Attack on Bryde's Whale --- 4.7 MB, CNN footage

Killer Whale Attack on a Great White Shark --- 2MB, CNN link

Right Whale Research --- Easy to download 1.1MB

Harbor Porpoise in Motion --- Hold on to your hats!!

NEW Movies below!!!

Blue Whales - Closeup of Blue whales, one with a satellite tag 3.5MB

Blue Flukes & Biopsy Sample - Excellent Video!! 3.9MB

Blue Whale Satellite Tag - Excellent video of satellite tag 858k

Fin Whales & Dolphins, Field Marks - Excellent footage of fin whales & dolphins together; annotated example of identifying field marks 3.1 M

Humpback Flipper Slap - Demonstration of whale flipper slapping 975k


Humpback Feeding & Ventral Pleats - Watch a whale feed! View ventral pleats 1.9MB

Minke Whale - Narrated rare minke sighting 3.2 MB

Spy Hop by Humpback Whale - Watch Spy surface 1.6MB

Movies courtesy of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation:

Dolphin Echolocation

Humpback Whale Surfacing

Humpback Whale Behaviors

Humpback Whale Feeding Movies courtesy of Virtual Whale:

Feeding movies

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