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NSF/WhaleNet page.

WhaleNet Overview


CTA 593: Field Studies in Natural Science (formerly CTA 592) is being offered in :

  • February and March, in BAJA, MEXICO this Winter in one-week sessions and
  • July and August inLONGUE POINTE DE MINGAN, Quebec in ten-day sessions in the Summer, and
  • August in NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS during the first two weeks of August each year.

    Experience research and study the marine environment. This course is being offered in conjunction with Mingan Island Cetacean Study research and WhaleNet/Wheelock College. For information, contact Michael Williamson, email or call 617/734-5200, ext. 2256.

Curriculum Unit Development: Self-Workshop and

WhaleNet Curriculum Start-up Activities.
Curriculum Units including materials on Northern Right Whale research (Rat, RWC#1509), on "Stephanie", the hooded seal, and on Dive Data (2/9/97)

Professional Development Opportunities

Data, Case Studies, News,and Listservs

This section contains data, information, and NEWSPAPER ARTICLES regarding whales and the ocean, and interesting tidbits, such as,CLINTON and COMPUTER'S in Sunday's Boston Globe. When in the listservs sort by thread and most articles are under "Info" or "Case Study". You can also use the Find button to locate a specific word in the file title.

WhaleNet Pals Registration - REGISTER AND FIND A CLASS,to connect and collaborate with in other parts of the country or world.

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