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Harbor Seal
(Phoca vitulina)

Released- Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2000
Biddeford, Maine

"Goose" is back in rehab. With the satellite tag the Marine Animal Lifeline was able to relocate him and take him back before his condition worsened. We will not be having any new data on him in the near future.

"Goose" was found in on Salisbury Beach, MA on 5/10/00. He was observed until 5/19/00 by a New England Aquarium rescue volunteer. He was determined to be abandoned on 5/19 and was transported to the Marine Animal Lifeline in Maine for rehabilitation.

"Goose" was approximately 1 1/2 weeks old when admitted and was in rehabilitation for 10 weeks. He weighed 8.8 kg and measured 78 cm upon admission and he was treated with antibiotics for a minor bacterial infection.

"Goose" was released on 8/1/00 at Crescent Beach State Park, Maine, weighing 28 kg and measuring 88 cm.

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Goose Before Goose After Goose on beach

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