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Gray Whale
Harbor Porpoise
Hawaiian Monk Seals
Hooded Seal
Kemp's Ridley
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Loggerhead Turtles
Right Whale
Satellite Tracking Links
Seasonal Change (Vegetation)

These are links to other websites to help students with their research.
   Quick Map Search from National Geographic
Type in a location and get a huge list of maps you can zoom in on.


   Calculate Distance from Latitude-Longitude Points
Take two lat-long points and find the distance between them!
   See an AERIAL PHOTO of your school or house!!
Enter location, click "Aerial Photo tab"...then Zoom in
   Distance Between 2 Points
If you have two lat/long points, you can get the distance between them!

Gray Whale

   ACS Gray Whale Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet from the American Cetacean Society
   Kid's Planet-- Gray Whale
Good, user-friendly gray whale information.
   NOAA-- Gray Whale
Excellent Gray Whale photos as well as useful information for species experts.
   Alaska Sea Grant
Nice pictures and helpful Gray Whale information.
   Comparison of Seasons with ACS
You may compare the frequency of sightings from year to year with the bar graphs from the American Cetacean Society
   Enchanted Learning--Gray Whale
Easy to read information about the Gray Whale.

Harbor Porpoise

   Harbor Porpoise on the Move!
Has a great video of a harbor porpoise in action.
   Harbor Porpoise Information Page
Lots of background including photos, videos, and tracking information.
   Complete Harbor Porpoise
At this site, find plenty of harbor porpoise info including swimming style, morphology, behavior, and evolutionary relationships.
   Harbor Porpoise Basics
Basic information on harbor porpoises.
   Harbor Porpoise Research
A bit technical, but good information.
   Fishin' For Facts on the Harbor Porpoise
User-friendly, simple harbor porpoise info.

Hawaiian Monk Seals

   National Marine Fisheries Service-- Monk Seal Page
Plenty of information including distribution and an underwater photo!
   Pacific Islands Marine Fisheries Center
Use this site to learn about research goals and conservation information related to monk seals.
   Monk Seal Fact Sheet
Basic information on Hawaiian Monk Seals.
   Earthtrust-Monk Seals
Lots of information on Monk Seals, including some nice photos!
   Fish & Wildlife Service--Monk Seals
Good information including habitat and behavior, as well as some nice photos.

Hooded Seal

   Hooded Seal Basics
A very cute picture, and some basic information on hooded seals.
   WhaleNet Hooded Seal Slide Show
View a slide show of the release of "Stephanie," a hooded seal.
   WhaleNet Fact Sheet
Fact sheet from our collaborating partner. -- Hooded Seal
Extensive information and a great picture of a seal's "hood."
   Marine Mammal Stranding Center--Hooded Seal
Very basic information related to hooded seals.
Brief information on hooded seals, including diet and behavior.
   Hooded Seal Distribution Map
This distribution map clearly shows the hooded seal's wide range.

Kemp's Ridley

   Kemp's ridley biology and nesting
A great map and other information for species experts.
   Kemp's Ridley Page
A page especially for students!

Leatherback Sea Turtle

   Leatherback Turtle Information
This site is a source for species information.
   Turtle Travels
Tells the story of Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles.. Good background information.
   Turtle Tracking
Tells the story of Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles on their journeys. Good background information for any students studying turtle movements.

Loggerhead Turtles

   Turtle Behavior
Site provides lots of information for species expert research including information on daily activities, nesting, mating, and feeding behaviors.
   Turtle Tagging
Another site giving information about a tagging project. Nice photos, good info.
   Saving Sea Turtles
Find turtle conservation and other information needed by species experts.
   Sea Turtle Conservation Program
Learn how to help save loggerheads!
   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Loggerhead information and links from FWS.
   Turtle Time
A florida turtle conservation group.
   Gray's Reef National Sanctuary- Turtle Article
An interesting article that has a lot of detailed information on loggerheads.
Lots of turtle statistics, and other good info.
   Loggerhead life histories
Life history information about loggerheads.

Right Whale

   On the Trail of a Right Whale
Read about a right whale tagging program.
   North Pacific Right Whale Status Information
Learn about right whale population numbers and endangered species status.
   Right Whale Basics
All of the basics on right whales. A good starting point for species experts.
   Center for Coastal Studies Research
Some data on our maps comes from the good work these folks do.
   Make Your Own Inflatable Whale
Classrooms can purchase this manual from Whalenet to create a 55 foot, life-size whale. You can go inside!
   Whalenet - Right Whale Resource
Comprehensive location for observation based organizations and professional resources

Satellite Tracking Links

   Argos Marine Animal Site
This site has great photos and links to more information about tracking marine animals.
   ARGOS Satellite Tracking -How Does it Work?
ARGOS Satellite System is illustrated and described to show how the animal transmits its radio signal
   How Satellite Tagging Works
WhaleNet Link show how tags are used on marine animals; the information can also be applied to birds.
   Satellite Telemetry
This site explains (and shows pictures of) how satellite telemetry and animal tracking works.
   Satellite Tracking of Animals
Site explains how scientists track a variety of animals.
   CCC Turtle Satellite Tracking
The site focuses on turtles, but the satellite tracking information can be helpful to all species experts!


   Harbour Seal Summary
Summary from University of Michigan
   Gray Seal Pictures
Nice photos and facts of these underwater animals.
   Gray Seal Background
Good summary of gray seal facts
   Hooded Seal Resuce and Tracking
See a Slideshow of the release of the satellite tracked hooded seal....

Seasonal Change (Vegetation)

   Google Image Search
Use this search engine to help you find pictures for your wall display!
   Sunrise-Sunset Data
Calculate sunrise-sunset data for your length of day plots


A great search engine!
A search engine as well as reference especially for kids.
   Ask Jeeves Kids!
Type in a question, and search the web for an answer.
Use this search engine to fetch results from many different places.
   Global Topography and Bathymetry
View a topography or bathymetry map for anywhere in the world. From the pull-down menu, choose a center, and see land and/or oceanic relief.
   How Far Is It?
Use this calculator to find the distance between two points. Type in either city names or latitude and longitude points, and let the computer do the math.
   Image Viewer‹Choose a place!
Just click on the map, and you can zoom in to see side-by-side political and topographical maps.
   Make Maps with a Latitude/Longitude with MapBlast!
Go Register, and under 'Maps/Advanced Search', Enter latitude/longitude II
Enter a latitude/longitude point, see a topographic map.
Click Maps, then Latitude/Longitude (in blue) to enter
   Make Your Own Map!
Create all types of interactive maps including land cover, population density, and climate. Click on the Interactive Map Browser link, and you're off and running.


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