the New England Aquarium, and
the Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Jersey on Beach
Hooded Seal
(Cystophora cristata)

Female, 117 pounds
Stranded on August 8, 1998.
She was very thin emaciated, had a heavy
parasite load and weighed 60 lbs.

Information Page
Data and Maps

Release Date
3:00 PM EDT (8:30 GMT)
Friday, Oct. 2, 1998
[Maps and Data below]

Where is "Jersey"? Data and Maps

  • Data Sheet, Satellite Fixes - "Jersey" , the Hooded Seal (Data Sets)

  • Tracking Map, "Jersey",Current locations and Past Locations to 11/1 98 Map
    Tracking Map, "Jersey", Present and Past Locations from 11/1/98 Map

  • Data Reports, Satellite Fixes - "Jersey" , the Hooded Seal

  • Background Information and Seal Notes:

  • Fact Sheet #1 - Information About Hooded Seals

  • Fact Sheet #2 - Information About Increasing Seal Populations in the Gulf of Maine

  • Fact Sheet #3 - NEA Fact Sheet on Hooded Seals

  • Hooded Seal information from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center

  • A Curriculum Unit on hooded seal diving using "Stephanie", the hooded seal.

  • SLIDE SHOW - "Stephanie" Hooded Seal Release

  • Movies of Satellite Tag attachment
  • Analysis Tools to Work with the Data

  • Map Generator Generate your own maps of any location.

  • Distance Generator Use this to determine the distance and heading between any two fixes.

  • Maps Index - selection of blank maps.

  • Satellite Tagging Observation Program
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