Kimberley Expeditions Whale Watching - Western Australia


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Southern Right Humpback
Orca Reef Prince

Amazing whales and wildlife,
An Amazing place,
An Amazing boat, and
An Amazing group of people to meet and work with.

SMAGS The Whale Watch website is a collaboration effort between world renowned whale educator and researcher, Associate Professor Michael Williamson, WhaleNet @ Wheelock College, Boston and St Mary's Anglican Girls' School.

Each year a group of students will be observing and collating photo IDs of the whales, as well as collecting water samples of the whales' environment. More collaborative research and data collection should be done in this region.

The research uses an online database, MICSPIX, a unique, multi-species photo processing and matching programme accessible to researchers globally, allowing researchers to post photos and track the migration habits of these awesome creatures. St Mary's IT department provides assistance in the support of this first of its kind in the world database.


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