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Great site -- humpbacks and beaked whales. Amazing photos and movie clips.
Coming soon -- Ali's Adventures, reports from Ali, a middle school student
participating in a South Pacific whale research program reports back with information and insights.


The Virtual Whale
a unique site at Simon Frasier University. Featuring Humpback Feeding and Acoustics. GREAT Site!!


Gulf of Maine Aquarium

Partnership for America's Future

If you are a parent, a student, an inventor, or a teacher looking for ways to motivate your classes, then you have found the one place on the internet that will provide you with everything you need.


WHOI Fish FAQ - Information

New England AquariumThe New England Aquarium
The New England Aquarium, here in Boston, contributes to WhaleNet's Satellite Tagging Program and whale watch research. Their harbor water quality statistics will be incorporated in upcoming watershed education resources.

Environet LogoEnviroNet! is a network of students, teachers, scientists, environmental educators including WhaleNet. The purpose of the project is involve the K-12 community, through student participation, in monitoring environmental systems to enhance learning.

BoatScape Logo BoatScape.com is a WhaleNet sponsor.
You can turn your boat and boating equipment into a donation for WhaleNet. Auction your boat and boating equipment at Boatscape.com and donate the proceeds for a tax-deductible gift. This is a great way to move your unused nautical gear and help WhaleNet continue its educational and research programs.




Interesting link to information on whales.


Seal Hunt


IWC International Whaling Commission

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