WhaleNet Supplementary Materials

The following listed materials may be purchased to supplement your classroom curriculum.

  • Marine Science Activities on a Budget (booklet) - Contains a cross-section of oceanographic activities that can be altered to accommodate many grade levels. $13.00

  • The World of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises - Interdisciplinary Curriculum Units for Pre-K through High School (book) - This contains 200+ pages of interdisciplinary activities, bibliographies, etc. suitable for a wide range of interests, abilities, and grade levels. $20.00


    How to Build an Inflatable (55 ft.) Whale (booklet) - Instructions on how to build a 55 foot long model of a whale that can be carried in a duffel bag by one person. Students and teachers can walk inside. Estimated cost for materials is between $50.00 and $60.00. Booklet - $10.00

    Send order form to:

    J. Michael Williamson
    10 Lenora Drive.
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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    Please PRINT your email clearly. No shipping fees - All orders are delived via email as a PDF file.

    Item Price x Quantity = -- Cost --
    Activities on a Budget Booklet $13.00 . .
    K-12 Curriculum Units $20.00 . .
    Inflatable Whale Booklet $10.00 . .

    Make Checks payable to: J. Michael Williamson

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