Satellite Tag No.27568

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Harbor Seal
(Phoca vitulina)

Released - 20:53:17 PM EDT (24:53 GMT), Wednesday, December 9, 1998
Hardings Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts (41 41'N, 69 57'W).

Quid, Seal #7, seal released 12/9/98 from Hardings Beach in Chatham, Mass. A young male harbor seal rescued as a pup from Pemaquid Point, Maine (on 5/20/98), treated at the New England Aquarium.

Where is "Quid"? Data and Maps

  • Data Sheet - "Quid" Satellite Fixes, the Harbor Seal, Tag No. 27568

  • Tracking Map - ,Zoom in, Present and Past Locations Map (Release Location).

    Look out Newburg!! Here comes "Quid"!
    Tracking Map - ,Zoom in, Past Locations Map.
    Tracking Map - , Past Locations Map (Release Location).

    Addition blank maps for plotting positions.
    Maps Index for your use.

  • Report Summaries

  • Seal Notes:

  • Fact Sheet #1 - Information About Pinnipeds

  • Fact Sheet #2 - Information About Harbor Seals

  • Fact Sheet #3 - Information About Increasing Seal Populations in the Gulf of Maine

  • Fact Sheet #4 - Harbor Seal Information

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