Kemp's Ridley Turtle

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Kemp's Ridley Turtle
(Lepiochelys kempii)


Where is Marco ?



Marco's History

Marco is a subadult Kempšs ridley that stranded on Oct. 28, 2006. The turtle was found on the beach on Marco Island. Mote staff suspected that the turtle was affected by red tide toxicosis and conducted blood tests which confirmed the initial diagnosis. The turtle responded very well to treatment and has been tagged with a satellite transmitter in preparation for release. The transmitter will send a signal every time the turtle surfaces to breathe, enabling scientists to monitor daily locations, how fast the turtle swims, preferred water temperatures and water depths. The transmitter is sponsored by WhaleNet at Wheelock College in Massachusetts ( Motešs Sea Turtle Conservation and Research Program will be tracking Marcošs movement.
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Marco's Stats

Species: Kemp's Ridley (Lepiochelys kempii)
Age Class: Subadult
Gender: Unknown
Date Stranded: October 28, 2006
Location of Stranding: Marco Island
Date of Arrival: October 28, 2006
Marco was 49.5 cm curved carapace length at release

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