Harbor Seal 34347


Satellite Tagging
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Name: Noodlehead
Species: Phoca vitulina
Common name: Harbor seal

Argos tag Number: 34347

Noodle Head stranded October 29 on Swan Beach in Currituck, NC, lethargic, thin and dehydrated. While hauled out and resting on the beach, he had also been chased back into the water several times by well intentioned general public. North Carolina NOAA Fisheries personnel responded to Noodle Head then transferred him to the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team for rehabilitation.

He is approximately 6 months old and since his arrival, has gained 15 pounds (likes herring best) and currently weighs over 40lbs.

In cooperation with the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation, a satellite transmitter was placed on Noodle Head for post-release monitoring. This is the earliest in the Virginia "seal season" that a seal has been released. Noodle Head will also be the youngest seal released from Virginia.

Map of "34347's" travels.

More seal data is available in the current WhaleNet Listserv. Sort and go to FIND for "64664" entries beginning with December 13, 2007.

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