Loggerhead Turtle
(Caretta caretta)


Bahia de los Angeles,
Baja, Mexico

Where is "Bety" ?



"Bety's" History

Location: East coast of the Baja Peninsula on the Gulf of California, 2 km NE of the town of Bahia de Los Angeles named after the bay
Lat: 28' 58" N, Long: 113' 33" W
Release info: Sept 2, 2000, at Santa Rosalillita
Lat: 28' 39" 12.4 N Long: 114' 14" 42.0 W
Our fisherman guide: Martin Arce
Scientists: Antonio Resendiz S. Hidalgo, Beatris Jimenez de Resendiz
The CRIP Sea Turtle Research Station

Bety's Stats

Species: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Age Class: Mature adult
Gender: Female
Size: 77.9 cm SCL, weight: 69.4 kg, female
(we hope she will go to Japan to lay eggs)

The Gulf is a vital area for the growth cycle of 4 genus: Chelonia, Caretta,Eretmochelys and Dermochelys. A high percentage of the life of these genus of marine turtle is carried out in solitary bays, lagoons, and estuaries in the gulf. The richness of the food chain in the gulf attracts a large number of turtles.

At this moment there are 3 species of juvenile and sub-adult marine turtles maintained in captivity in three large tanks. Also a very interesting and rare green-hawksbill hybrid.

Basic monitoring includes inter and intra-species behavior, growth rates, diets, and blood sampling. In addition, the research station serves as an educational tool for the local population as well as visiting tourists from throughout the world. An important aspect of this program is the involvement of local fishermen in the conservation of the marine turtle.

The research station has been involved in many different research projects and is included in 25 recent published papers. Recent subjects: First Confirmed East-West Transpacific Movement of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle released in Baja, Mercury concentration in scutes of pacific black sea turtles, Population structure of sea turtles of bahia de los angeles, Diet composition of the black sea turtle, Apparent sea turtle mortality due flipper tags (plastic roto tags).

Bety, the caretta, is named after Antonio's wife. She spent 3 years at the station after being caught in a traditional turtle net set by him. Turtles are tagged (no more plastic tags, now metal pit tags) and the usual data taken including scute scrapings for mercury tests, blood, skin, barnacles. Adults are released (unless there is an impending sat tag) and juveniles and sub-adults are kept if there is room.

Data Anaylsis Tools

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