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Gray Seal
(Halichoreus griseus)


Released- May 24, 2001
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Gray" was found stranded on Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, on 3/17/01. He was lethargic and thin, weighing 43 pounds.

A rescue team from the Marine Animal Lifeline transported him to the Lifeline's rehabilitation center for a complete examination. He was very dehydrated, his white blood cell count was elevated, and he had several small lacerations along his stomach and lower jaw. "Gray" was placed on antibiotics and his wounds were treated daily. It was suspected that he had difficulty during his weaning and that he did not learn how to catch and eat fish well enough. During his rehabilitation, "Gray" was taught how to hunt and eat fish. His progression was amazing and he quickly healed from the wounds and gained weight rapidly. His appetite was excellent and he had a strong hunting response when exposed to live fish. By the middle of May he had gained enough weight and had plenty of exercise for release back into the wild.

He was released at Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, on 5/24/01. He weighed 93 pounds at the time of his release.

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