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Gray Seal
(Halichoreus griseus)


Released- May 8, 2002
Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Lat: 43 33.785'
Long: 70 13.190'

"Louise" was only about 3 weeks old when she was found stranded at Phillip's Cove in York, Maine, on 3/8/02.

She was very thin, lethargic, dehydrated, and she had an eye infection. It appeared as though she did not successfully wean and learn how to hunt adequately. She weighed only 28 pounds when she was found.

She was rescued by the Marine Animal Lifeline and brought to the rehabilitation facility. "Louise" was also suffering from an internal parasite infection that had caused a dangerous anemia problem. She was loosing red blood cells quicker than they could be produced. "Louise" was stabilized with aggressive hydration therapy and treated with injectable antibiotics. She was initially provided with nutrition through a stomach tube until she stabilized and could be taught how to hunt and eat fish. After months of care, her infections resolved and she gained weight rapidly. Her anemia problem had also resolved and she weighed 60 pounds when she was released back into the ocean.

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