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Harp Seals
(Phoca groenlandica)

Released- March 26, 2004

Data and Maps

  • Data is presently available in our Data Base, more detailed Data and Maps are in preparation.

  • Data Sheets: 40972, and 40976

  • Tracking Maps - 40972, and 40976. Locations Map

  • Reports - the Harp Seals

  • Addition blank maps for plotting positions.

Analysis Tools

Seal Notes:

40972 - Animal was a harp seal juvenile male 1 yr, reported on Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable, MA 41 44.274 70 22.057

The seal was healthy and in good health. I took blood samples, fecal samples, skin samples and applied a flipper tag on each flipper yellow tag 17B, I also took blubber biopsies....he was satellite tagged Spot 3 and released on 3-26-04.

40976 Harp seal male juvenile, 1 yr collected on 1-27-04 from Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA It had lacerations on its tail and puncture wounds on its head, it was sent to University of New England for rehab.

On 3-24-04 we satellite tagged the animal with a SDR T16 and released it at Biddeford Pool, Biddeford, ME 43 24.436 70 23.111 The seal has a flipper tag, purple, number 34 on one flipper.

Tools to Help You Analyze Satellite Tag Data

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  • Map Generator Generate your own maps of any location.
  • Distance Generator - Determine the distance and heading between any two fixes (latitude and longitude readings).
  • Nation Data Buoy Center - access oceanographic data in real time.
  • Ice formation images in Davis Strait.
  • National Ice Center - Ice maps, NOAA.
  • Ice/Sea Surface Temperature - Nice Image.
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  • Additional Maps / Analysis Tools

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