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Loggerhead Turtle
(Caretta caretta)


Where is Sadie ?



Sadie's History

Sadie was brought to our Hospital by Ms. Suzi Fox of the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch. Sadie had come up on Holmes Beach to nest, had fallen off an embankment (groin), and had fractured her plastron. She had failed to nest on the beach and therefore was carrying eggs when she arrived. She was radiographed (x-rayed) and was kept in a small tank for a short time until it was decided to try to induce labor. She received injections of oxytocin over three days time and deposited about 75 eggs that were taken out to Holmes Beach and placed in an artificial nest. Unfortunately, none of the eggs hatched. For the plastron fracture, it was decided to apply stainless steel bone plates to the exterior of the plastron with bone screws. Dr. Rob Weeren, a veterinary orthopedic surgeon volunteered to apply the plates which was done on 11 August 1999. After several modifications, the plates were finally removed on 14 January 2000 and replaced with bone screws and wires. These were finally removed on 5 May. At that point the fracture had healed by second intention forming a hinge joint which is the only way the plastron can be healed. The hinge joint allows for movement in the plastron when the turtle breathes. Since the wires and screws have been removed, the screw holes have been filling in. Sadie was released August 23, 2000 at 1024 hrs at 27 degrees 25.499' N, 082' 43.253' W. WhaleNet (http://whale.wheelock.edu)provided the satellite-linked transmitter that is attached to her carapace to track her movements after release. Sadie is currently carrying "eggs" in her ovaries and should be able to nest shortly after release.
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Sadie's Stats

Species: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Age Class: Mature adult
Gender: Female
Date Stranded: 14 July 1999
Location of Stranding: Holmes Beach, Anna Marie Island, Florida, USA
Date of Arrival at Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital : 14 July 1999
Number of Days of Care: Current patient
Final Disposition: Sadie was under care at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital but she was released August 23, 2000.

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