WhaleNet, Sea Turtle Recovery,
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Loggerhead Turtle
(Caretta caretta)


Finding Our Way

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    This is a collaboration between Sea Turtle Recovery, Western Connecticut University (Finding Our Way), and The Atlantic Marine Conservation Society.

    Atlantic Marine Conservation Society was excited to join Sea Turtle Recovery (STR) and Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) yesterday to release four rehabilitated sea turtles off of Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. One of the turtles, a loggerhead sea turtle named Tammie, was rescued by USCG Cutter Lawrence Lawson off the coast of Cape May, NJ after being found with propeller cuts on her carapace. Tammie is the first sea turtle rehabilitated by STR to receive a satellite tag! These tags provide information about post-rehabilitation behavior and travel patterns and are an important research tool in conservation efforts.

    Please follow STR and WCSU to learn more about the great work our partners are doing to promote conservation through action!

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