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Release Date
October 17, 2002


Hooded Seal
(Cystophora cristata)

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Where is "Wadadli"?

Data from "Wadadli's" satellite tag -
Maps - Wadadli's present and past locations. (Release Map)

About "Wadadli"

It is very sad that I must informed you that Wadadli was found dead this morning by the staff of Marine Animal Lifeline in Maine. We had lost satellite signals since last Wednesday near Port Clyde in mid-coastal Maine, and gave it a couple of days to double check if the tag was broken or if we were able to receive additional signals. By Saturday, Greg Early had not received any more locations and had alerted the staff of MAL to keep their eyes open for Wadadli in trouble. MAL volunteers checked the vicinities on Saturday and Sunday without any luck. However, on Monday morning (today) they sighted WadadliŇs carcass on a wooden float (used by fishermen to anchor and work their traps) 200 yards offshore in a cove at Port Clyde (43 56.020'N 69 15.771'W).

The carcass was recovered today and is at present at MAL, for transfer to the University of New England for necropsy. Keith Matassa and a veterinarian will conduct the necropsy and collect tissue samples for cause of death analysis. We will report to you further details as they become available.

Wadadli was rescued in the island of Antigua in the Caribbean in August 2001, cared for at Universidad Metropolitana in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 6 months, transferred to the University of New England for re-introduction training in March 2002, and released 5 months ago (October 2002) south of Portland. He was fitted with a satellite radio-transmitter to track his movements. He spent his time mostly offshore traveling between Cashe's Ledge and Jeffrey's Ledge (both in the Gulf of Maine) and the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

A complete report on Wadadli's release and tracking will follow after receiving necropsy results.

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