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WhaleNet Awards

DolphinEXPO '98 - WhaleNet was selected to exhibit in the U.S. Pavilion at EXPO '98, Lisbon, Portugal. [Renew America Award]WhaleNet is a winner of Renew America's 8th annual National Award for Environmental Sustainability in the Creating Information and Communication Tools category.
WhaleNet was selected for an exhibit in the Mammal Hall of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History as part of the Masters of the Ocean Realm: Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises exhibition, October 2001 and January 2002. ERODWhaleNet was selected for inclusion in this award-winning site, EROD, designed to help pursue the President's initiatives, including No Child Left Behind, and advance the mission as a Department - to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans. It also supports the work of ED offices, led by senior ED officials. U.S. Dept. of Ed.
The National Academy Press has selected the WhaleNet site as the "Coolest Science Site" link. The National Academy Press is the publisher for the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. WhaleNet is chosen as a "Digital Dozen" site! WhaleNet has been given the "Digital Dozen" award by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for the month of April, 1997. Click on the ENC icon to visit their site and view other "Digital Dozen" recipients as well as additional classroom resources that you may find useful.
AAAS Science Magazine selected WhaleNet as one of the Best of the Web in the NetWatch profile -- "Herman Melville could have made Moby Dick even longer if he'd had access to WhaleNet." Scientific American /Pick of the Web
"This site is educational in every sense. Much of it is geared toward teachers and students, but parents will discover that this an excellent place to get their kids interested..."
SciLink Selected by the SciLinks program, a service of National Science Teachers Association. Copyright 1999 - 2002. WhaleNet was selected by a NSTA team of teachers who reviewed it using a stringent set of criteria that ensure selected materials have accurate content and effective pedagogy. Scout The Scout Report is one of the Internet's oldest and most respected publications. It provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed of valuable resources on the Internet. The Internet Scout Project is located in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation to provide timely information to the education community about valuable Internet resources.
Access Excellence by Genentech awarded WhaleNet a spot in the their Resource Center. USGSUSGS selected site - This Learn About... page contains links to sites specific to certain species.
TL Tech Learning Site of the Day. Web Picks is the resource for educators both to provide and get recommendations of web sites for classroom use and for professional development. NYAS WhaleNet was selected for the New York Academy of Science's EduNet link.
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations partner. This global platform of Biodiversity Observations on the Internet took shape during the International Workshop on "Internet-based nature observation projects" in Bonn, Germany. ISTE WhaleNet is posted on the ISTE Teacher Resources page. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the largest teacher-based, nonprofit organization in the field of educational technology. ISTE's Research and Evaluation Department collaborates with other educators and organizations to identify and apply the best practices in teaching and learning. Its mission is to help K-12 classroom teachers and administrators share effective methods for enhancing student learning through the use of new classroom technologies."
Time Life WhaleNet is listed as a Time Life Science Hot Link. WhaleNet was selected by the Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy for inclusion in their educational links. Other links of interest: Resolutions of the International Whaling Commission and Bibliographies of DNA studies of small cetaceans.
Scholastic One of the best Web sites to use while teaching the Animal World (Grade 2) unit. All of the sites referenced in your Literacy Place 2000 Teacher Editions are also listed here. WhaleNet was selected for Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Science. U.S. Department of Education.
Logo Congratulations, WhaleNet has been selected as a recommended site on, the Web for GrownUps, is a content and community site for adults over 45. MMSC WhaleNet is a
Marine Mammal Stranding Center
BioMed Award WhaleNet has been chosen as HMS Beagle's "Web Pick of the Day". HMS Beagle is a biweekly webzine for biological and medical researchers, with a daily digest of the highest-quality Web resources and published material. BBCThe BBC/Education Web Guide team were particularly impressed by the quality and educational content of your site and have placed a short review of it in our searchable database. The BBC Education Web Guide brings you the newest and best websites for learning at home, at school and at college and university. British Broadcasting Corporation
NASA EdTeacher Approved Web Site - WhaleNet was chosen during July 1998, the Education and University Affairs office at John C. Stennis Space Center convened a group of six area teachers to research the Internet and make recommendations for web sites that pertain to remote sensing and are appropriate for use in the classroom. Bridge WhaleNet is among those selected for the Bridge, the new web-based National Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center coordinated by the Virginia Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
Logo"The great thing about the site is that it treats children like real researchers, giving them access to serious data in a kid friendly format." March 8, 1999 Stellar Award WhaleNet has been given our Steller Site Award for exemplary sites. The Bridge is supported by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, and is sponsored by the National Marine Educators Association and the national network of Sea Grant educators.
Suite 101 WhaleNet is, without a doubt, the best whale-related site on the Internet today. With separate sections for teachers, students and everybody else, the site offers up-to-the-minute sighting information, links to hundreds of other sites and all the most important whale news of the day. UT Logo WhaleNet was selected for the "Science Education on the Internet: A Conference for Developers of Online Science Education" at the University of Utah Eccles Institute of Human Genetics in Salt Lake City, Utah.
THE STREET SAFE KIDS NETWORK has been giving out awards for years to members of the community who make the lives of children safer. Well we think it is time that they got an award of their own. Global School Bus gives this month's Award of Excellence to this great example of involvement-WhaleNet. Honor Roll MidLink Magazine's Web Honor Roll of BEST Web Sites for the Classroom. This Award-Winning Magazine is a nonprofit educational project sponsored by: SAS inSchool, NCSU, and UCF.
WhaleNet was selected by Nearctica. Nearctica is a major new web site designed as a gateway to the best the web has to offer on the Natural Sciences for North America. Award The International Association of Web Masters and Designers has reviewed your web-site and has chosen WhaleNet to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.
SchoolZone identified WhaleNet with its Highly Recommended rating for educational usefulness.
TC logoTeacher Connect identified WhaleNet as an exemplary site. Award WhaleNet has received the Books Seal of Approval. Sites are chosen by a team of editors for accuracy, high quality, and suitability for students.
Study Web has included WhaleNet in its science educational resources as one of the best educational resources on the Web. Argus Clearinghouse approved
WhaleNet has been included in the Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides.
WhaleNet received a BioMedNet Award. BioMedNet is an Internet Community of Biological and Medical researchers. School Award WhaleNet has been found to be among the Best on the Web.
WhaleNet was selected as a valuble internet resource for Discovery Channel School's Ultimate Guide to Animals Program for Spring 1998. The Discovery Channel chose WhaleNet as a valuable Internet resource for Discovery Channel School's H2Oceans theme for spring 1997.
Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions has included WhaleNet within its Internet Access Service as a "Best of the Net" site. Netguide selected WhaleNet as a Gold Site -- one of the Best on the Web. The Gold Award recognizes Web sites that meet Netguide's stringent criteria for overall excellence.
The Learning Studio at the Exploratorium picked WhaleNet as Ten Top Cool Sites for Science, Arts or Education sites on the World Wide Web. Planet Science chose WhaleNet as one of Planet Science's Sites of the Day. Please note that you will have to sign in at their front door before you can visit their site.
Discovery Channel selected WhaleNet for their Discover School for Educational Resources Online. Discovery Channel/Discover School, 1996. Fledge is the "moldable" web experience for kids brought to you by McGraw-Hill Home Interactive.
WhaleNet was selected as an Editor's Choice by Their mission is to provide an entertaining and educational, kid-friendly area on the web for children and their families. Reports Logo WhaleNet has received the Books Seal of Approval. Sites musts meet a number of criteria, of which the most important are accuracy, high quality, and suitability for students. All sites are carefully evaluated by a team of editors (Enslow Publishers).
4Kids Congratulations! Your Web site, Whalenet, will be featured in an issue of is a Universal Press Syndicate (UPS) syndicated feature published by over 150 newspapers in the US and Canada. brought to you by by Universal Press Syndicate (UPS), lists WhaleNet in both their web site and in their print publication.
Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic has selected WhaleNet as one of their favorite "Kool Picks" on the Internet. LookSmart, the next generation of web directories committed to quality and superior user web experience, has awarded WhaleNet The Editor's Choice Award for providing a useful and high quality website.
Logo WhaleNet was reviewed in wNetSchool's selected sites section, a resource of helpful sites for teachers, because of its outstanding display of innovative educational content on the Internet. Congratulations on a fantastic educational resource. Congratulations on being named an Internet Treasure Hunt Bureau Featured Site.
The Links2Go Key Resource award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected. Further, the Links2Go Key Resource award is completely objective and is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. AwardWhaleNet has been awarded the The Planetpals "Clean Planet Award" which is given to specially selected websites that are of high quality, promote concern for the environment, by encouraging recycling, ecology, earth sciences,either through school projects or valuable website content.
CyberPanda awarded WhaleNet the Bamboo award as one of their ten "Top Picks of the Month" Rated by
Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers Rated 5-Stars by Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers. "I loved this. A great fun website for teachers, students and public all about whales. Lots of activities and oppotunities. Great !"
Eco AwardCongratulations! WhaleNet has received Care2's Hot Eco-Site Award for outstanding environmental websites and is an important contribution to environmental awareness! Rated by Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers WhaleNet has been awarded a Four Star rating by Schoolzone's panel of over 400 expert teachers. "An excellent resource and data file for conservation and marine ecology. Information for students and teachers. Links to experts and others sites."
Logo Education World A+ - A home for educators on the Internet, a place where teachers could gather and share ideas, a complete online resource guide where educators could start each day to find the lesson plans and research materials they were looking for. USA Today WhaleNet has been selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY Education Web. Fewer than 150 sites are selected each year as USA TODAY Education "Best Bet" Web sites.
EdHelp AwardWhaleNet has been selected as an edHelper Honor Roll Site! Pacific Bell AwardWhaleNet has been included in the Pacific Bell Blue Web'n Library of Learning Sites!
WAFK thinks WhaleNet has great educational content and the WhaleNet site has been chosen as a World Almanac Editor's Pick. Good Stuff WhaleNet is Good Stuff for Kids - America Links Up: A Kids Online Teach-In is a public awareness and education campaign sponsored by a broad-based coalition of non-profits, education groups, and corporations concerned with providing children with a safe and rewarding experience online.
[Cool Central Site of the Day]WhaleNet was awarded "Cool Site of the Day" by "Cool Central". [Cool Site of the Hour] WhaleNet was awarded "Cool Site of the Hour" by "Cool Central".
Hound WhaleNet is listed with EduHound: Everything for Education K-12 Stockholm Awards
Turner Fouondation Supported in part by the Turner Foundation, Inc., Atlanta, GA Challenge
MET Supported in part by the
Massachusetts Environmental Trust.
MET Supported in part by the
National Marine Fisheries Service.

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