Blue Whale Data

Blue Whale

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  • Gulf of St. Lawrence Information and map
  • Tagging Team Information
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  • Blue Whale Contaminant Analysis

  • Blue Whale Tagging and biopsy MOVIE clips.

    Research Trip Data

    These data entries present the research track of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) vessels in the Gulf of St. Lawrence estuary during the period of the satellite tagging operation.

  • August 18 Track
  • August 19 Track, "Kits" Tagged
  • August 20 Track, "B242" Tagged
  • August 21 Track
  • August 22 Track

    Blue Whale Satellite Tagging Data

    These data entries list the fixes made by the satellite tag during their periods of operation.

  • "B242", Satellite Tag #92 Data
  • "Kits", Satellite Tag #94 Data

    Charts and Maps for Satellite Tagging Program

    You can download these maps and charts to observe the movements of the whales or to track the movements of the whales yourself.

  • "B242" Satellite Tag 92 Chart
  • "Kits" Satellite Tag 94 Chart
  • Blank Map for your use
  • No. Atlantic Map for your use
  • Gulf of St. Lawrence Map for your use

    "Kits" Sighting History

  • Kits History, Page 1
  • MICS Research Zones in Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

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