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Breaching Whale

Species and Behaviors Information and Links

Behaviors of Whales

Sleep: How do Whale Sleep? (from Scientific American)
Sound: How do whales use sound?

Many species and links

Information on Types of Whales / Classification of Species
Information and Images of many species are available on the following links.

[¥= Interesting links for Species Information]

Information links to Specific Species of Marine Mammals/Whales
(Click on a link to access species specific information)

American Cetacean Society¥ Species Links, NEW ACS Species information link
CETACEA - CLOSED - Brief overview of a wide variety of species with habitat range maps.
Discovering Whales¥, nicely done page. Still Free - listing by species
National Marine Fisheries Service, NMFS, Marine Mammal species

Cetacean Summaries - Very useful overviews.

Marine Mammal Stocks Assessments , NMFS
Seals - Seal Conservation Society resources, Images and Information, Looks GREAT!

Other Information on Marine Mammals/Whales

Humpback Migration Routes North Atlantic Routes
Dolphin Anatomy
NMFS Whale Recovery Plans¥ - selected species.
NMFS/NEFSC Marine Mammal Research Cruise results.

NMFS Protected Species Branch


Build your own skeleton (How to Articulate a Skeleton)
Marine Mammal Stranding Center
NMFS Organism Images
NMFS Cetacean Images - Index of many photos
NMFS Species Index of status and Recovery Plans
Fish FAQ and Information, WHOI
NMFS - U.S. Marine Fishes - Many Fish images/drawings
NOAA Images of Marine Mammals** Very Good.
Center for Whale Research - Orca Info
Orcas in Captivity
Orcas in the Mist, Sounds and info
Plankton Key

Make a Plankton Net

Plankton Information
Plankton 3D Images
Sea World Educational Resources
Specimen Images Listed by Phylum (images)
Sperm Whale Images (unique) - What is inside a whale?
Blue Whale Dissection - What is inside a whale?
Whale Species Identification Key. VERY USEFUL
Whale Species Identification Chart:Allied Whale/College of the Atlantic

Seals - Seal Conservation Society resources, Images and Information, GREAT!
NOAA Seals/Pinnipeds - National Marine Mammal Lab

Blue Whales

Blue Whale off Canada (East coast)
Blue Whale Contaminents Research

Orca Links

Orca Stuvey, Center for Whale Research
Orca Live
Orca Homepage

An Orca Case Study on Captivity

More related links on the Educational Resources page.


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