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A few words from our fans!

"It is clear that WhaleNet is one of the most exciting and compelling projects on the Internet today. (It) allows students to interact with scientists and researchers, collect real-time satellite tracking data to study the migration of whales, and participate in hands-on whale-watching trips." - National Science Foundation

"Congratulations on such a comprehensive, engaging and useful web site." - G. G., Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley,CA

"Had to E-mail you after seeing the wealth of information and 'goodies' you've developed...WOW! I have to wait a whole week now for vacation to end before I can show it to the kids...they thought Oregon Trail was the best--Ha!"- C. S., Elementary School Teacher

"We were VERY surprised and happy to receive your email response. It was a valuable lesson for Sydney (and Daddy) about the Orca (whales) and--more importantly we think--about the power of this communication medium at our fingertips. Thank you very much for helping educate us on both fronts."- WhaleNet parent

"[My step-daughter] was VERY impressed to get (responses to her questions) in our e-mail. They were a big plus for her report. Thanks for being available to the nation's students." - M. R., step-dad

"Your home page is lovely.--I'm passing (this) along to my brother-in-law, an elementary school teacher in Missouri. Should be great for kids in Middle America as well as for the rest of us. Great work, folks!" - E. C.

"I just spent a wonderful one-and-a-half hours on your site. Just fantastic!" - A. R.

"WOW...I am absolutely floored by your Web site. As a veteran Web surfer, I'm not easily impressed. I've nearly given up on mind-expanding content on 95% of the sites out there. Your site ranks as one of the most intriguing, well-organized, informative, compelling sites I've had the pleasure of enjoying. You have a very special place amongst my bookmarks." - E. T.

"This is one of the better sites I have visited...nicely organized with lots of interesting info."- WhaleNet Parent

"Doing a great job, keep it up (:" - High School student

"WhaleNet is an all rounder!" - WhaleNet Parent (England)

"The best part of the WhaleNet web-site is the Ask a Scientist part. It was interesting to find information that others asked about." - Elementary School student

"Great info and great pics. No need for improvements. I think you guys rock." - College student

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