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WhaleNet project with Marine Quest 1492,
part of the Partnership for America's Future - Upward Bound at the U of Akron.

Logo Objectives
The project was initiated mainly because of the few reasons below:
- To understand the impact of changing sea temperatures on the Sperm Whale
- To study and understand whales and their migrating process
- To pick up skills in due course of project-doing i.e quantitative research, interpersonal relationships with others.

Migration Students from the Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) Singapore,Adeline Quek, Song Qiuyun, Katerina Teresa Seow, Huang JingLin, Kok Yiling and Noelle Chen. researched gray whale migration and constructed this very interesting web page.

Their project focuses on the relationship between the migration of gray whales and the weather phenomenon, El Nino.

Enjoy their work and learn more about gray whale migrations.

"The Adventures of Salt and Pepper",

Second Grade Whale Page

Welcome to Mrs. Kaldrovics's Fabulous
Fourth Grade Class


Project WhaleBoat
was launched on June 20, 1997
by the Sanborn Regional High School

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