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Research Vessels

Sedna Scientists are devoting their lives to saving the last survivors of the sea, sadly renowned as the object of the largest commercial exploitation of a halieutic resource. The oceanographic research vessel SEDNA IV will be at the heart of this great adventure, as a team of world-reknowned scientists sets out on a unique scientific expedition. Where are the last right whales, blue whales and bowhead whales of the North Atlantic? Exploring historic old whaling grounds, scientists seek clues to the lives of these magnificent animals.
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Odyssey Join the Odyssey, Captain Iain Kerr and Dr. Roger Payne.
Each day on the Odyssey is full of wonderous sights and sounds, and the crew share their experiences in the Odyssey logs. The Voyage of the Odyssey is a five-year program designed to gather the first ever baseline data on levels of synthetic contaminants throughout the world's oceans. It will use whales, albatrosses and pelagic fish as indicator species for measuring the health of the seas.
Location of Odyssey / Class from the Sea

Join the R/V Delaware II on her research voyage off of the East Coast of the United States.
Read the log from the 2001 resrach cruise to the Bay of Fundy.
Join an educator from Massachusetts, Gian Criscitiello, will be submitting reports as the trip progresses. Other voyages with Gian Criscitiello can be seen below.
  • Gian's LOG - Information, Sightings, Maps, and more

  • See the Delaware Log and list of marine mammals sighted.
    Marine Mammal Research Cruises results

    Rosita Join Michael Moore, from Woods Hole, and his family aboard the "Rosita" as they cruise the North Atlantic in search of the rare Northern Right Whale. Maps, Study Guide, and more....

    Visit with the Midnight Sun!

    Click on this menu to access the 1996 voyage across the Atlantic with Gian Criscitiello and the Midnight Sun.

    Click on this menu to access the 1997 voyage down the North Atlantic from Norway with Gian Criscitiello and the Midnight Sun.

    SEA Education Association, Woods Hole, MA

    Coming soon, a project to track and to receive data from the students and crew
    on the two SEA research/education vessels:

    Westward and Corwith Cramer
    Daily Report and Map

    Visit with the Tabor Boy Student Voyage

    Click on this menu to share observations and adventures of the student crew aboard the S.S.V. Tabor Boy on their voyage to the Caribbean.

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