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Orca Pod

Sounds and Bio-acoustics Information and Links

Killer Whale Sounds - B.C. Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program.

Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation
a GREAT resource for info, images, and video. (Humpback Songs)

Whale Acoustics Page of sounds and information

Great educational page as well as a sound of sound bites of marine mammals.

Whale Communication Research, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The Virtual Whale Project
3D Animation and sound environment for the visualization of the feeding behaviors of Pacific Humpback Whales

Sound link

Feeding Movie with sounds.

Whale Sounds
NOAA page of information
Orca Network - Orcas in Our Midst
This page links you to other acoustic pages and gives information on the Orca.

Bio-Acoustics and Marine Acoustics

Bioacoustics - Sound i the Sea, URI. Marine Mammal Research.

Acoustic Monitoring Using U.S. Navy SOSUS Info on fixes using sound.

Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell Univ. Marine Mammal Research.


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