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Blue Whale Expedition 1999 - 2000

Blue Whale

These data entries present Blue Whale sightings by the Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence estuary during the 1999 period of the satellite tagging operation, and in the Sea of Cortez in February and March 2000.

Gulf of St. Lawrence 1999 Expedition Data

Blue Whale

GSL Sighting Data


Map 1 GSL - Research Area
Map 2 GSL - Larger Area Map

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No. Atlantic Map for your use
Gulf of St. Lawrence Map for your use
MICS Research Zones in Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

Sea of Cortez 2000 Expedition Data

Baja 2000 Sighting Data MICS logo


Map A of Fixes
Map B of Fixes
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  • Study Guide for use with Data
  • NMFS Blue Whale Recovery Plans

  • NMFS Revovery Plan booklet (.pdf file)
  • Tagging Team Information
  • Satellite Tagging/Boston Globe Article
  • Blue Whale Contaminant Analysis
  • Blue Whale Tagging and biopsy MOVIE clips.

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