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Harbor Porpoise
(Phocoena phocoena)

Where are the Harbor Porpoises? Data and Maps

Logo "Pierre", "Mordecai", "Pilgrim", and "Owen"

  • Data Sheet - Satellite Fixes (Active data)
    Harbor Porpoise Data Sets

    19309 (Pierre) has surpassed our previous longevity record of 212 days.
    He is currently sitting at 216 days. 19300 (Owen) is at 184 days.

  • Tracking Maps
    "Pierre" TrackMap
    "Mordecai" TrackMap
    "Pilgrim" TrackMap
    "Owen" TrackMap
    Weekly Summary of Movements, Present and Past Locations Map
    Map in use with present updates

  • Harbor Porpoise Program

    Background Information

    Satellite Tag in position
    (click for larger image)

    Satellite Tag in Place

    Background Information and Harbor Porpoise Notes:

  • Video on Harbor Porpoise Behavior

  • Harbor Porpoise Program Background Information, Duke University Marine Mammal Lab

  • Harbor Porpoise, NMFS (info)

  • Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Harbor Porpoise

  • Analysis Tools

  • Blank color map of smaller area for your use.

  • Blank black & white map of smaller area for your use.

  • Blank gray tone map for your use.

  • Blank color map for your use.

  • Map Generator Generate your own maps of any location.

  • Distance Generator Use this to determine the distance and heading between any two fixes.

  • Additional Maps and Map Index

    Satellite Tagging Observation Program
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