the Institute of Marine Research
Bergen, Norway

with collaboration from Duke Univesrsity Marine Lab

The project was funded by the Norwegian Research Council with logistical support from the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway and WhaleNet.

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Harbor Porpoises Tagged
Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)

Where are the Harbor Porpoises? Data and Maps

"Nelson", Argos Number: 29583
Male 139 cm long
Released 7 June 2000 19:09
Field Number: VF-02-2000
Release Position: Lat: 69.8 N Lon: 30.5 E

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1999 Harbor Porpoise Project/Norway - Data and Maps
Previous Map - Tracking Map 1

Institute of Marine Research
(Norway) Harbor Porpoise Program

Duke Marine Lab
Harbor Porpoise Program
Background Information

Info on Tagging In Norway

Satellite Tag in position
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Satellite Tag in Place

Background Information and Harbor Porpoise Notes:

  • Norway Harbor Porpoise Program Information

  • Norway Research Area Map -- Map 1 and Map 2

  • Map of Region

  • Video on Harbor Porpoise Behavior

  • Harbor Porpoise Program Background Information, Duke University Marine Mammal Lab

  • Harbor Porpoise, Woods Hole Oceanographic institution (by-catch info)

  • Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Harbor Porpoise

  • Analysis Tools

    Ice Center
  • Blank Map 1, Blank Map 2 (Color), and Blank Map 3 (B&W) for your use.

  • Map Generator Generate your own maps of any location.

  • Distance Generator Use this to determine the distance and heading between any two fixes.

  • National Ice Center - Maps and Data of ice conditions in the area.

  • More Tools

    Map Index and Additional Maps

  • Satellite Tagging Observation Program
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