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Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)
146 cm female

Release Date
11:03 AST on July 16/99
[Maps and Data below]

Where are the Harbor Porpoises? Data and Maps


  • Data Sheet - No.08692, Satellite Fixes - "Madeleine" (Active data)
    Harbor Porpoise Data Sets

  • Tracking Map 2 - No.08692, "Madeleine"
    Weekly Summary of Movements, Present and Past Locations Map
    Map in use with present updates
    Tracking Map 1 - No.08692, "Madeleine"

  • Harbor Porpoise Program

    Background Information

    Satellite Tag in position
    (click for larger image)

    Satellite Tag in Place

    Background Information and Harbor Porpoise Notes:

  • Video on Harbor Porpoise Behavior

  • Harbor Porpoise Program Background Information, Duke University Marine Mammal Lab

  • Harbor Porpoise, Woods Hole Oceanographic institution (by-catch info)

  • Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Harbor Porpoise

  • Analysis Tools

  • Blank color map of smaller area for you use.

  • Blank black & white map of smaller area for you use.

  • Blank gray tone map for you use.

  • Blank color map for you use.

  • Map Generator Generate your own maps of any location.

  • Distance Generator Use this to determine the distance and heading between any two fixes.

  • Additional Maps and Map Index

    Satellite Tagging Observation Program
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