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  • Beaufort Scale

  • Clouds - UIUC Cloud Catalog (Movies)

  • EarthWatch Weather on Demand
    EarthWatch Satellite Maps

  • Gulf Stream Surface Temp Imagery/URI

  • HURRICANE Information and Maps

  • Marine Weather Forecast/USA (NOAA)
    Atlantic Forecasts

  • Marine Weather/Data Buoys/NOAA & other data

  • NASA Spacelink - An Electronic Information System for Educators

  • National Weather Service/NOAA

  • North Atlantic Ocean Data Page

  • Ocean Remote Sensing: AVHRR Imagery (Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory)

  • Ozone - Nimbus-7/TOMS Images

  • Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

  • Sea Surface Temperatures

  • SeaWiFS Project - Homepage
    North Atlantic SeaWiFS Project
    SeaWiFS Project Image Archive

  • Tide PredictorWWW Interface by Dean Pentcheff.

  • U. S. Data Buoys - Real Time Oceanographic data.

  • WCVB Weather Update and Information

  • WHDH Weather Update and Information (Very good Marine weather links)

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