"A Day on a Whale Watch"

"Salt" Breaching

Use this elementary, interactive reading program,

"A Day on a Whale Watch"

by Karen Smyth

(Photographs by Karen Smyth and Michael Williamson)

Karen Smyth is the author of "Crystal, The Story of a Real Baby Whale."

"A Day on a Whale Watch" is a 15 chapter story.

Curriculum Unit to use with "A Day on a Whale Watch" by REBECCA PERYEA.

Use the interactive reader on-line or print a hardcopy for off-line use in the classroom. Pictures and charts supplement the text. Students read along and choose pictures to answer questions posed in the text.

  • If used on-line, the students receives immediate feedback on their response.
  • If used off-line, students can circle their responses and discuss their choices in class.
  • Whale Watch Slide Show

    A NEW on-line story

    "The Right Whale named METOMPKIN:
    Her Story of Survival"

    The story of a northern right whale and her migration
    and disentanglement from fishing gear

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